Kyle Miles

Genre Non-Conforming Low End

A self-entitled blue collar bassist, Kyle Miles is a team player. As a member of a varied number of musical visions, Kyle can be found playing a vast array of musical styles, in establishments all around the world. A true rhythm section representative, Kyle brings his unique sense of integrity, professionalism, and of course, pocket, to any musical situation he finds himself lucky to be in.

Multi-Faceted Vibrations

Kyle has helped to create sonic energy with some of the most talented vibeologist out there, whether via recording, producing, or performing. He's even luckier to be able to call most of them friends!


As some of you may know, Kyle Miles doesn't exist on the major social media platforms. But as those platforms are the main forum for communication these days, one's presence there is unavoidable. Folks have taken to accounting for Kyle's whereabouts by tagging him via #KyleMiles. Click the bass pic to check it out!